Dear Reader,



They call me HITT and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. Middle Class Millionaire was a state of mind concept created in 2008, at the time I had no idea how powerful faith and a plan were. After a few successful businesses and life changes under MCM I found myself transformed by our motto, Love Life, Live Rich. Now most people will tell you that you don't need money and that I don't believe but money is just one part of the equation. Your relationships, your health and so many more factors add to your overall quality of life equation and you can either add those things up and be miserable or ecstatic to be alive. I have a lot to learn but I've also acquired a mass of life experiences, stories and specific skills that have allowed me to go from homeless to living a pretty fulfilling and satisfying life that gives me room to grow! Middle Class Millionaire is about being rich. Not just rich in money, and not just rich in experiences but rich in every nook and cranny of anything that fills your life. I had a decision years ago to decide whether I was going to live an awesome life or a crap one and as this site grows hopefully the things you find throughout it help you live a richer more meaningful life and gives you a refreshing perspective on your situations you're currently working out.



Eat better, Sing better, Create better, Love better, Give better and make the world a better place. Hopefully I can help you do that.


Love Life Live Rich

Mike HITTofMCM Hitt